Sunday, June 10, 2012


We have sixteen kids in the dorm this year, plus our own two.  That makes eight rooms of kids to say good night to.  At 7:30 we say good-night to our own kids, Mikaylah and Jayson.

Mikaylah and Jayson
The seventh and eighth graders are next and their bed time is nine o'clock.  Sometimes we have group bed times as there are two boys, Daeyoen and Yeonhoo and one girl, Amelia.
Yeon Hoo and Dae Yoen are both South Korean

Amelia rooms with two girls in grade ten, Cora and Amy, who get to stay up until 9:30, so often they are next.

Amy is a Kiwi, Amelia is British and Cora is American

Chung Hyun is from South Korea and Zeb is American/Canadian

Joshua and Joshua share a room, a name and even initials, so we call the British one Gibbo and the New Zealander Griffi

The Big girls get tucked in between ten and ten thirty
MiYoen and Marette are South Korean and American

Beth and Deborah are both American

The last group to tuck in is the big boys, or the "men" of the dorm, usually we turn off the lights by eleven.
Yunin, Asyncrite and John are the 'men' in the dorm

They love each other!

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