Sunday, January 12, 2014


 And yet, another excursion took us out to the dunes, just outside of town. We drive about 10 kilometers or so and find ourselves with the challenge to see who can drive up the dunes the farthest. So, far, I can only get up to a certain place where my car just can't make it up the hill. For those of you who have never driven on sand, just pretend you are on snow, a thick layer of snow that is not packed down. Lots of fun, if you can handle the sliding around. Of course, at the dunes, there isn't a whole lot to hit, so we just have fun.
 These are some views on top of the dunes looking towards the sunset with Jayson and Joel. We do have such a huge sandbox here. Do you know that the entire continental United States can easily fit inside the Sahara Desert?? It is HUGE!
 See our shadows? Can you tell who it is on top of the dune?? Jayson and his friend Joel decided to try sledding down this dune. You should have seen them. I will try to upload a video so you can watch it. I am not sure it will do it. Back home, at least in Indiana, you guys were being pelted with about 15 inches of snow and some super cold weather. This is the reason why my kids wanted to go sledding. Where do you go in Niger? To the dunes!

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