Friday, January 10, 2014

January, 2014

wow! I almost forgot to advance to 2014. So sorry to all of you. We have posted nothing since September because we could not get into our blog to post things. We apologize. I finally tried again and finally, in French, figured out our password to post things. I am 50 now and my wife keeps telling me she is married to an old man. So, now that we have figured things out, be looking for a new post in the coming days! Thank you all for your patience.

We have enjoyed a rather relaxing Christmas break. I will post pics later of our trip to Parc W where we saw all kinds of animals and basically relaxed. We have gone to see the dunes, and the giraffes with our friend Brenda who came all the way from Guinea to spend two weeks in Niamey for vacation! imagine that, Niamey, a vacation spot! That goes for all of you people in the states who are looking for vacation spots where there is a guarantee that you will not be having 15 inches of snow with subzero temperatures. The polar vortex?? will not be felt here! Days still in the 90's and nights cool in the 60's!

We have finally moved into our new addition to our apartment. It still is a bit disorganized as we wait for furniture to be built, but we are thankful for such a beautiful little addition and for the extra room so our kids can each spread out a bit after sharing a room all these years. They still get to bunk in together when there are people vacationing here....hint, hint.

Ok, we will post pics later...I am going to bed now. Thank you all so very much for praying for us while being here at Sahel Academy. Please do pray for all dorm kids returning Monday for the second semester. Most will be traveling by car and some by air. Please pray for safety and a good start to the second semester.

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