Sunday, January 12, 2014

Giraffes with Brenda!

 Another one of our excursions was to go see giraffes that live about an hours' drive outside of Niamey. This year, we had a friend of ours from ICA. Brenda Allen was able to come spend about 2 weeks with our family during Christmas and so of course, we had to take her to see Giraffes. They are such nice animals. You can walk up to them and they will just walk away. They don't get too miffed at us being there. This year, however, they had migrated away from Niamey a bit and we had to search for awhile to find them. It is amazing that our guide has such good eyes. He was on top of the car looking while I was driving around and all of a sudden he banged on the car, got down and told me to drive through some millet fields. We drove for about 2 kilometers or more and there they were. I had no idea how he saw them so far away! They always make for some good pics though.

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